Me, Ashley, a Creative Designer

Find me on – Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or have a Portfolio, even better, just call – 0770 8675 371

I’ve helped create, strategise and deliver ideas to businesses that have grown to move into other markets, target modern audiences for development in customer engagement methods, debranded for who have taken their advantage in an innovative world, I’ve done this properly for the last six years. And I get paid. Please, take another look around my site, depending on if you like my style, we should talk. And as-they-say, go from there.

Where I’m at;

Currently, Freelance and fresh from a year as Senior Designer at RB&Co. Here, my focus was on brand and marketing for the major end commercial real estate. And then two penultimate years as Lead Graphic Designer for Outgoing. Producing creative for mainstream international events, achieving mass media marketing for a youth-culture across multi-device and cross-platform media outlets.

Notable clients would be UEFA Champions League, PGA, F1, a little at Sky, few marketing companies, I’ve done super corporate to the youth market, and extremely detailed coffee table books to buy extremely expensive buildings, apparel brands, you know, things like that…

You can see a lot of my behind-the-scenes work via my Twitter

I suppose I like to cook too